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Mobile Priority Websites™

Mobile Priority Website | Mobile First Website | Website Development

The majority of today's web searches are done on mobile devices. Stay modern and cutting-edge with our Mobile Priority Websites built for speed, customer retention, and ROI!

Video Production

Video Production | Film Production | Video for Business

Statistics show customers overwhelmingly prefer video content above text. Our budget friendly video productions will help you engage and resonate with today's customers!

Content Marketing

Content Marketing | Minieri & Company

Our marketing wizards create and push out media for you on multiple channels, improving search rankings, increasing brand recognition, and driving sales to your organization.


Our internet marketing strategies encorporate powerful tools for gaining customers by improving organic  and map search rankings and ensuring paid ad effectiveness!

Logo & Graphic Design

Logo Design | Graphic Design | Brand Creation

Let our expert design team bring your vision to LIFE! We will present you with a complete brand image including color palettes, patterns, logos, and other marketing assets.

Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing | Facebook Advertising | Social Media Advertising

A Minieri & Company managed social media campaign will improve customer loyalty, help you gain more referral customers, and provide a platform for sales opportunities.

Your Marketing Partner

No cat or baby?

No worries,  you've got us!

Minieri & Company is a fast growing, modern marketing firm specializing in small business marketing strategies. Our vision is to provide small business owners (who are the HEART and SOUL of America) with the most current and cutting-edge marketing tools and strategies to help them compete against franchises and larger companies.

Our Latest Publication 7/20/18

12 Questions to Ask Potential Clients About Their Needs

Finding a serious customer is hard work. Asking some of these questions may make it easier to find and keep them. Not every customer is a good fit for every product. What is one good question to ask or approach to use to test how serious a prospect is about making a purchase? Click below to read more...

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