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Below are a few exhibits from our iconic brand, Planet Ballroom. Below we illustrate our innovative, creative and highly effective approach to marketing. We believe your marketing message should be clear, modern, and exciting, but also be able to engage and connect with customers on their level.

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Projects for this brand included:

Logo Design | Ad Campaign Creation | Brand Management | Business Listing Management | Pay-Per-Click Management | Social Media Content & Blog | Reputation Management | Call Center On Hold Voice Talent | Promotional Video Spokesmodel Talent

Successful Branding

Check out this great video of our spokesmodel hosting a franchise grand opening party! Our highly successful “Inspiration, Energy & Glamour©“ advertising campaign resonated with both customers and franchisees! See the accompanying posters below.

Spokesmodel Talent

Minieri & Co spokesmodel representing our client at a company event. Our personal and energetic approach to marketing and promotion helps your business stand out in the crowd!

Scripted Business On Hold Track

Listen to a sample of our call center on hold audio, scripted and narrated by Minieri & Co talent.

Promotional Video

Here is a example of an exciting and informative promotional video we filmed, scripted and narrated. We offer creative and professional videography, voice talent and spokesmodel talent.

Spokesmodel at Grand Opening

Our in house talent brilliantly represents our client at their franchise grand opening party! Combine this with proper and creative video services for a personal brand message that resonates with customers.

Minieri & Company - Advertising & Marketing Agency

Below is an assortment of media, modeling shots, and promotional materials used in various productions. 

Video Animation Project

We brought this logo to life by shooting dancers on a green screen, then producing a short animation.

Promotion Video Shoot

We shot this promotion video on a green screen, the produced the PBTV episode!

Elizabeth Clips

Behind the scenes clips and outtakes from Elizabeth!

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