Logo & Website Design

Blank Canvas

Logo Design, Graphic Design, Website Developer | Minieri & Company | Charlotte, NC

We begin your design with an idea, a vision that is derived from you, the creator of your company. We want to incorporate your thoughts and personality into your design so that it properly represents you!

Artistic Design

Website Design, Logo Developer, Graphic Designer | Minieri & Company | Charlotte, NC

Once your concept begins to take shape, our artists go to work to create the perfect design symbols, colors and style that will be used to identify you and your concept. Often, we find that beauty can be found in simplicity.

Vision Comes to Life

Logo Design, Website Design, Graphic Designers | Minieri & Company | Charlotte, NC

When designed properly, your brand will come to life and become the foundation of your company and its culture. It will be recognized as a symbol for quality in your particular industry for years to come!

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