Internet Marketing

Website Development

Website Developer, Mobile Website, Mobile Friendly Website | Minieri & Company | Charlotte, NC

The internet is going more and more mobile. Busy websites are a thing of the past (we can show you examples)! Do business at the speed of light with our modern mobile website development.


SEO, Search Engine Optimization, Website | Minieri & Company | Charlotte, NC

The expert level Search Engine Optimization services we offer include advanced setup and programming of your website in order to ensure high ranking on search engines.


Pay Per Click, PPC, Management, Paid Ads, Targeted Ads, Remarketing, Internet Ads, Banner Ads | M&Co

Paid internet advertisements can be very effective marketing tools when managed properly. Our extensvie experience in targeted online advertising will greatly benefit your company.

Social Media & Blog Content

Social Media, Content Management, Blog | Minieri & Company | Charlotte, NC

Are your customers raving about you on social media? If not, they should be! Let us manage your social content and promote your business for you through creative and engaging content.

Public Perception

Reputation Management, Online Reputation, Public Relations, PR, Press Release | Minieri & Compay

A positive online reputation and company perception is crucial to your success. Today’s customer wants to feel engaged and connected. As your public relations specialists, consider it done!

Press Releases & Scripts

Press Releases, PR, Media | Minieri & Company | Charlotte, NC

The clear and dynamic writing we provide can make a very positive impact on how your company is perceived and how your company message is communicated with the public.

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