Minieri & Company - Advertising and Marketing Agency- is your Franchise Partner!

Our experience in small business and franchising makes us your perfect partner in your franchise business. Whether assisting an emerging brand or working with a local franchisee, we are quite at home providing marketing and advertising assistance.

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Franchise Systems

Internet Marketing, Advertising Agency, SEO, PPC, Print Media | Minieri & Company | Charlotte, NC

Franchise Marketing Systems

Franchises are similar to small businesses in that stores are often owned by individuals. We have specific expertise in franchising and offer unique marketing strategies for local or national systems. By offering assistance to both the franchisor and franchisees, our agency can properly convey a uniform brand message throughout the system.

Internet Marketing, Advertising Agency, SEO, PPC, Print Media | Minieri & Company | Charlotte, NC

Franchisor Advisors

We specialize in franchise marketing strategies designed to be easily implemented by franchisees in varying markets. Franchise marketing plans need to consider demographics, location, and franchisee budgets. We offer unique solutions in this arena and can provide assistance in conveying marketing concepts in the franchise Operations Manual.

Internet Marketing, Advertising Agency, SEO, PPC, Print Media | Minieri & Company | Charlotte, NC

Franchisee Assistance

Franchisees are often most concerned with making enough money to support their business. Advertising can be a tremendous strain on a franchisee’s budget, which is why having an efficient and effective marketing and advertising campaign is essential. Our experience allows us to advise franchisees on the best combination of marketing tools to accomplish their goals.

Services we provide

Internet Marketing

Let us build and manage your company’s online presence! Tasks include Search Engine Optimization (SEO), reputation management, positive reviews, and Pay-Per-Click management.

Mobile Priority Websites

The internet is going more and more mobile. Busy websites are a thing of the past (we can show you examples)! Do business at the speed of light with our mobile website development.

Social Content

Are your customers raving about you on social media? If not, they should be! Let us manage your social content and promote your business for you through creative and engaging content.

Blogs & Press Releases

Running a holiday sale or weekly special? Have a noteworthy moment you want to share with the world? As your personal public relations team of expert writers, consider it done!

Video Production

Along with mobile, vidoes are on the rise. in addition to providing video production, we also provide fun and energetic talent to help write and shoot your video promotions! 

Graphic Design Studio

Our amazing designers will produce awesome content for your company! Large or small projects are welcome and will handled with professionalism and creativity.

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